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Next Level Hockey Training 2.0


From: Yunus Barisik, Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist & Pro Hockey Strength Coach


How would you like to learn the exact off-ice training methods of hundreds of hockey players who have:

  • Donned the National Team jersey
  • Signed pro contracts
  • Taken giant leaps in on-ice performance
  • Come back from career-threatening injuries
  • And are now stronger, healthier and more athletic than ever before

My name is Yunus Barisik and I ​​work with ​high-level hockey players in Espoo, Finland.

I have personally trained and designed strength, speed and conditioning programs for ​500+ athletes at all levels of competitive hockey, including:

  • ​NHL Draft Picks from 9 NHL teams
  • ​Women's and Men's National Team
  • U18 & U20 World Champions
  • ​NCAA D1
  • ​Finnish Elite League

And now, for the first time ever, I'm revealing the exact same off-ice training programs that have produced some of the strongest, in-shape junior, college and pro hockey players in Europe to the public.


Check out some of my athletes reaping the rewards in the gym having used the training programs contained in Next Level Hockey Training 2.0...

Pittsburgh Penguins 2016 draft pick, Finland Men's National Team forward and Providence College sophomore
Kasper Björkqvist hang power cleans 120 kg / 264 pounds for a triple

New Jersey Devils 2017 draft pick, Finland U18 National Team Captain and Penn State commit
Aarne Talvitie does front-foot elevated split squats with 140 kg / 308 pounds for 5 reps

18-year-old junior hockey player performs a weighted chin-up with 50 kg / 110 pounds

Pro hockey player trap bar deadlifts 235 kg / 517 pounds for an easy double

I could go on and on and on with plenty of more examples as shown above... What you've seen so far merely scratches the surface of what goes on behind closed doors in our gym.

This is not marketing hype. You're looking at REAL, verifiable results.

More importantly for you, can you imagine how experiencing huge strength gains and skyrocketing your physical performance will help you become a better, stronger, faster, more athletic hockey player?

And the good news is that...

You now have the perfect opportunity to use these proven
off-ice training strategies to
boost your performance on the ice.


Get 32 weeks of fully detailed, incredibly effective off-season workouts

Witness almost superhuman results - by training less than 5 hours per week in the gym

Make mind-blowing strength gains without expensive, useless supplements

Build explosive power - the most lethal physical quality in hockey

Develop freaky strong abs with core training that's not stupid
(97% of hockey players got core training dead wrong!)

Add solid muscle all over your frame where it counts - legs, back, glutes, abs, hamstrings

Feel more confident and powerful on the ice

Improve overall athleticism

Hit new PRs (personal records) over and over again without getting injured

Gain that extra step or two that will put you ahead of the competition


A complete off-ice strength training solution used by elite junior, college and pro hockey players to maximize performance.

Watch the entire 2-minute video below to see my U20 hockey players tearing it up in the weight room.

(make sure you turn up your speakers and watch the video in full HD for best viewing experience)

Some interesting facts about the athletes you see in the video above:

  • ​16 players on that team went on to play pro hockey
  • 2 players donned the U20 National Team jersey
  • 5 players got called up to the U18 National Team
  • 4 players won silver medals at the 2017 U18 World Championships
  • ​​4 players committed to NCAA D1
  • 1 player was drafted in the 2017 NHL Draft (New Jersey Devils)
  • ​3 players were drafte​d in the 2018 NHL Draft​ (​Carolina Hurricanes, Edmonton Oilers, Montreal Canadiens)
  • One of our forwards won the U20 Elite League's best goal scorer award
  • One of our goalies was chosen the best goaltender in the U18 Elite League
  • ​Our team captain ​won the scoring title, receiv​ed First All-Star nominations and took home the MVP award

Not to mention the previous season when 9 of our guys made their pro debuts.

Or those 4 players of ours who won gold with Team Finland at the 2016 U18 and U20 World Championships.

... or the 3 players who won gold with Team Finland at the 2018 U18 World Championships.

Simply put... we produce high-level hockey players.

Year after year.

And our off-ice strength training program is a big part of building stronger, faster, better conditioned athletes ready to take that next step in their development.


Section 1: Detailed Main Manual & Training Programs


Main Manual

This is the master manual that explains your program theory and tells you everything you need to know to interpret and put the training program into action.

It explains the rationale for specific training strategies, how to set appropriate performance goals and modify certain exercises for added safety (especially important for those with previous injuries!), answers your most frequent questions, and lays out the optimal way to progress through the program for maximal gains.

$99 Value


Off-Season Junior Training Program

Get ready for challenging movements, hard workouts and continuous improvements on your way to getting brutally strong with this 3x/week full-body program.

You'll be light years ahead of your buddies (and competition!) as you'll discover exactly how to fluctuate training frequency, intensity and volume to make tremendous strength gains.

$299 Value


Off-Season Pro Training Program

This 4x/week upper/lower split is my go-to template for athletes who have built a solid movement and strength base.

Even if I say so myself, it has proven to be EXTREMELY effective for strength and power development.

$299 Value

Section 2: Bonuses*

Receive $747 worth of highly valuable bonuses absolutely FREE.

* Included in Premium package only.


Free Bonus #1 - Video Database

Over 120 high quality videos shot in beautiful HD demonstrating correct exercise form for every exercise included in the program so you never get hurt.

Trust me, you'll be utilizing these videos for a long time; it's the closest thing to receiving professional exercise demonstration without training with me in person.

$399 Value

And since many people ask me what you really get with the video database,
check out the video clip below for just a small sample of the 120+ exercises included.

(again, turn up your speakers and watch the video in full HD for best viewing experience)


Free Bonus #2 - In-Season Training Program

28 weeks of in-season workouts that seamlessly pick up right where the off-season programs finish.

While everyone else is trying (and ultimately failing) to maintain whatever physical gains they made in the off-season, your strength and performance will continue to improve even during hockey season.

These in-season workouts are structured with only one purpose in mind... You're in the best shape of the year come playoffs time in the spring.

$299 Value


Free Bonus #3 - Workout Sheets

These printable workout sheets are based on the same templates I use with my hockey players.

Take them with you to the gym, write down your numbers and track your progress week to week.

$49 Value

YES, in a nutshell, ALL my premium training programs and bonuses are included
for a very modest price with no extra charge.

Total Value of the Next Level Hockey Training System $1,494

Next Level Hockey Training 2.0

What's Included in the Premium Package

150 + Pages
112 Game-Changing Off-Season Workouts
120 + Instructional Videos

Yes! Please give me instant access to download this incredible off-ice hockey training system right now.

Next Level Hockey Training 2.0



Item 1: Main Manual
(valued at $99)

Item 2: Off-Season Hockey Program - Junior 16 Weeks
(valued at $299)

Item 3: Off-Season Hockey Program - Pro 16 Weeks
(valued at $299)


Secret Bonus #1: Video Database
(valued at $399)


Secret Bonus #2: In-Season Training Program - 28 Weeks
(valued at $299)


Secret Bonus #3: Workout Sheets
(valued at $49)



US $147

US $167

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“Following Yunus' off-ice programs, I achieved personal and team success I could only dream about before!”

​​"Yunus’ knowledge of improving hockey performance has helped me in ways I didn’t know existed when we first started working together.

In just one year of training with him, my strength and speed have improved dramatically!

As a direct result of this, I now have more time and space on the ice, which allow me to better showcase my hockey skills.

Following Yunus' off-ice training programs, I achieved personal and team success I could only dream about before.

I won gold at the World Junior Championships, earned Most Valuable Player honors in the Finnish U20 Elite League, and was drafted into the NHL by the 2016 Stanley Cup champions."

Kasper Björkqvist

Providence College, NCAA D1

Finland Men's National Team

Pittsburgh Penguins #61 Pick, 2016 NHL Draft

2016 U20 World Champion

2015-2016 MVP, Best Forward & First All-Star Team, Finnish U20 Elite League

Using the Off-Season Pro Program included in Next Level Hockey Training 2.0, Pittsburgh Penguins draft pick Kasper Björkqvist improved his previous best on...

  • Power clean by +27.5 kg / 60 pounds
  • Front squat by +25 kg / 55 pounds
  • Trap bar deadlift +35 kg / 77 pounds

... in ONLY 13 WEEKS!

Power clean from hang 132.5 kg / 291 pounds, front squat 165 kg / 363 pounds, trap bar deadlift 240 kg / 528 pounds.
This is elite NHL level strength at 20 years old.

​Off-Season Gains Make
Pro Hockey Player Stronger and Faster​

​​​"I followed a 3-day per week, full-body training program Yunus designed for me this off-season.

​I really enjoyed all the variation in exercise selection and execution that he includes in his programs. It helps keep your training fresh and interesting over time.​

With other workout plans, you might end up doing the same three or four movements for months on end. That becomes boring real fast.

Another thing I noticed was how quickly my strength increased. Within just a few short weeks, I was lifting notably bigger weights compared to the beginning of the summer.

And at the end of the off-season I set multiple lifetime personal records, including new bests in 3RM front squats and power cleans.

​Based on pre-season games and practices so far, I'm also feeling faster on the ice​.

So you could say I'm very happy with my results since gaining strength and speed is exactly what I wanted to achieve with my off-season training."​

​​Teemu Väyrynen

​TPS Turku, Finnish Elite League

​Finland U20 ​National Team

​​I was hitting personal records week after week and saw the gains I made in the gym carry over onto the ice...​

​​"Before I started training with Yunus, I was focusing on too many things off the ice and had hit a plateau.

​​I was training too often and for too long at a time (up to 9x per week in the summer for 2-3 hours per session) but didn’t feel like I was making any noticeable progress.

​I had built a solid aerobic base over the years, so playing big minutes was never the problem.​

​Strength and explosiveness were lacking, though, which limited my game.

After I started following Yunus’ training programs, progress came by quickly and I was hitting new personal records on power cleans, front squats, weighted chin-ups, and deadlifts week after week.

Most importantly, I saw improvements in the weight room carry over onto the ice.

As a smaller player (5’7) playing against bigger and heavier guys in the juniors and now at the college level, I have no trouble holding my own in board battles.

I can protect the puck with my body a lot better and can even remove bigger opponents from the puck, which certainly wasn’t the case before.

In addition, I noticed that my balance on skates has improved a lot and I can now handle my body much better even in unstable positions.

I would highly recommend Yunus’ training methods to other hockey players.

If you really want to push your physical limits and achieve results that you never expected to see, you should train under him.

Yunus has got an unparalleled passion for developing his athletes and he demands a lot from them.

But his training is smart and progress happens very fast. It’s not mentally or physically easy but it’s totally worth it."

​​T​uukka Totro

​St. Olaf College, NCAA D3​


Do you want to gain the ability to create time and space on the ice, compete at the highest levels, keep pushing the pace late in games and dominate the competition?

Of course you do.

It's time for you to learn how to use world-class hockey training methods for elite results, rapidly accelerate your progress, shatter old records, develop unstoppable confidence, and start playing your best hockey right now.

Mediocrity sucks. Now is your chance to join the strong minority who have chosen a different path.

So click "Add to Cart" below and let’s get started.

Next Level Hockey Training 2.0

Yes! Please give me instant access to download this incredible off-ice hockey training system right now.

Next Level Hockey Training 2.0



Item 1: Main Manual
(valued at $99)

Item 2: Off-Season Hockey Program - Junior 16 Weeks
(valued at $299)

Item 3: Off-Season Hockey Program - Pro 16 Weeks
(valued at $299)


Secret Bonus #1: Video Database
(valued at $399)


Secret Bonus #2: In-Season Training Program - 28 Weeks
(valued at $299)


Secret Bonus #3: Workout Sheets
(valued at $49)



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Get #NextLevelStrong,

Yunus Barisik

Creator, Next Level Hockey Training

PS - Look, as a hockey player... you want to have the strength, speed and power to showcase your abilities on the ice. And I'm going to show you exactly how to get that. This is the exact same system I have used to help players progress from the youth to the professional levels.

So go ahead and try these same techniques… I promise you… you won’t be sorry you gave it a spin.

Instant access to 120+ training videos and up to 60 weeks of world-class strength training programs that you can view
on your smartphone, tablet or laptop. Purchase Next Level Hockey Training 2.0 now by clicking "Add to Cart" below.

PPS - Unlike many run-of-the-mill training programs popping up everywhere on the Internet these days, Next Level Hockey Training 2.0 has been tested by REAL hockey players playing for elite junior, college and professional teams - including...





PPPS - Don't forget that 365-day money back guarantee; there is literally no financial risk on your part in giving this training program a go.

I'm so confident you'll be absolutely thrilled with Next Level Hockey Training - and will gain the strength, power and high performance you want - that I'm including a 100% money back guarantee for a FULL YEAR.

That's right.

Not your standard 30 days. Or even 60 days.

365 days.

This deal is a no-brainer and I know that Next Level Hockey Training is definitely the right training system for you.

So go ahead and click "Add to Cart" now.

NOTE: Next Level Hockey Training 2.0 is a downloadable product. No physical products will be shipped. After your order, you will get INSTANT ACCESS to download the e-book onto your computer. The e-book format is Adobe Acrobat PDF and the videos are MP4 files, which both can be viewed on Mac or PC. If you have any questions regarding this product, please contact me at


FAQ #​​1: ​Is this ​a one-time fee or do I pay every month?

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FAQ #4: Are these workouts only for the off-season?

FAQ #​​5: ​Does this come with a guarantee?

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FAQ #7: I have a question you haven't answered here.




​From Back-Up Goalie to
Best Goaltender Award and All-Star in One Season​​

​​​"I used to believe that goalies don't need to lift weights.

In fact, some goalie coaches had told me gaining upper body strength and size would be detrimental for my game because it would slow me down when stopping the puck with my arms.

That's why I had focused mostly on goalie technique and speed drills when training on my own.

At the same time, I also realized that I wasn't physically strong enough to play the game at a high level.

That soon changed when I started following Yunus' programs!

My body has matured physically a lot during the time I've been training with him.

​​​I've gained muscle all over my body, my shoulders got broader, I got leaner, and my strength levels went through the roof.​

​As a result of all that, my on-ice performance improved tremendously.​

​I'm now much more explosive on the ice.

​More agile in the crease.

Faster and able to get into a better position on rebounds.

​​Moving laterally and squaring up to the shooter feels effortless now thanks to all the lower body and core strength gains I've made.​

Training under Yunus is intense and demanding. But at the same time, we have a fun, motivating atmosphere at the gym.​

​The best part is that he always comes up with new exercise variations that keep things fresh and interesting in addition to the tried and true heavy barbell lifts.​

​I've learned so many movements I had never even seen before, yet I feel they've benefited my performance immensely.

​Here are a few key training lessons I've taken to heart:

​- If you want progress, you MUST train hard. The competition isn’t resting on their laurels, so you've got to show up and put in the work every day to succeed.

- Going to the gym and just lifting some weights isn’t enough. You need a solid, quality program to really experience big gains.

- Unlike what I used to believe in the past, strength training is extremely important for goalies.

You need 100% focus and effort off the ice if you want to get ahead on the ice. You have the greatest window for progress in the off-season, so don't miss it by being lazy or doing things that don't improve your performance.​

- Even when on-ice training takes priority during the season, you shouldn’t stop lifting heavy. It's the only way to improve all year long.​

​To any hockey player reading this, I highly recommend Yunus and his training methods. Not only is he a great strength coach, he's a great person as well."

​​​Filip Lindberg

​​University of Massachusetts Amherst, NCAA D1

Finland U20 National Team

2017-2018 Second Team All-Star, Finnish U20 Elite League

2016-2017 Best Goaltender & First Team All-Star, Finnish U18 Elite League

In all my years of playing hockey,
Yunus is the best trainer I ever had.”​​

​​​​"In the past, my training was very cardio-based. Yes, I was in pretty good shape, but had trouble gaining muscle or strength.

​I also had underdeveloped muscles in my body - especially my lower back and obliques. Fixing these muscular imbalances helped me build a solid base and improve my overall strength.

​​​I feel like every part of my body got better after I started working with Yunus.​

​Most importantly, these gains translated to better performance on the ice. Here's how Yunus' off-ice training benefited my hockey skills:

​- I got more powerful, which is very important for a smaller player like me.

​All the strength and muscle I gained off the ice helped with stability when battling for loose pucks in the corners. Even against bigger guys, I felt like I could physically compete head-to-head with them.​


​- ​My skating improved as well. Faster on the first few steps, my ability to push off and glide, on-ice stamina... Everything jumped up a notch or two.​

​​- Thanks to the upper body, lower back and core strength gained in the gym, I became more dangerous on the ice as a forward with more speed and a harder shot.​

​Another thing worth mentioning is that I finally had a completely injury-free season.

​For example, in previous years, I used to feel minor groin pain as the hockey season drew on. When I followed Yunus' training programs, that pain vanished. I believe a big part of that are all the adductor and core strengthening exercises he had me perform.

​Not only are Yunus' training methods extremely effective, his attention to all the small but important details set him apart from other coaches.

​In all my years of playing hockey, Yunus is the best trainer I ever had. Every day I spent with him at the gym, I learned something new.

​Lifting weights, conditioning, speed, recovery - it's all there. Every single detail in Yunus' off-ice program is made to best serve hockey players. It truly is a complete training program for hockey.

​​​​Victor Ranger

​​Anglet Hormadi Élite, French Division 1​

​France U18 ​National Team

“... ​one of the best
hockey strength coaches in the business.​​

​"I've known Yunus for a few years now, and what struck me from the beginning was his knowledge of and passion for hockey strength and conditioning. 

​I remember being a bit skeptical about him at first since he never had a career as a hockey player. But I quickly realized he knows what he's talking about when it comes to making players stronger, faster and healthier.

​His dedication to developing his athletes, ability to explain any drill or exercise in a training program, and tremendous coaching skills all set him apart from others and make him one of the best hockey strength coaches in the business.

I've implemented things that he has taught me with my hockey players competing for championships, and I can't thank him enough for that.

​To any athlete who wants to become stronger and faster than their competition - and remain injury-free while doing so - I highly recommend Yunus' training methods."

​Mikko Tolvanen

​Head Strength and Conditioning Coach, Sport Vaasa, Finnish Elite League

​​Ex-Pro Hockey Goalie, Finnish Elite League

“His athletes... ​​damn strong guys...
​made a big impression on me.​​

​​"Through my own experiences, I know that off-ice training usually includes little more than bike + stretching and perhaps 3 x 8 reps of light squats during a hockey season here in Norway.

​I’ve always wondered what attitudes other major hockey nations have regarding in-season training off the ice.

​Are there any similarities?

Do they train harder than we do?

What are they doing differently?

Could this be part of the reason why Norway is a "little brother" in the sport of ice hockey?

To figure this out, I contacted the great Finnish club Espoo Blues and their strength coach Yunus Barisik and I got the opportunity to join them for training over 4 days. A wonderful experience that made a big impression ​on me.

Yunus has a philosophy that although it is hockey season, it is important to have progression in strength training and that one should not be afraid to lift big weights for low repetitions.

He justifies this by saying that if we are to stop the progression through the season, how then do we become stronger? And that it is not next week’s games that they train for, but the playoffs held in March.

During my time observing Yunus and his athletes, I witnessed 17-year-old Aarne Talvitie, captain of Finland U18 national team and 2017 NHL draft prospect, perform split squats with 140 kg (!).

​You’re probably thinking now that he is one in a million, but the fascinating thing is that the rest of the team was approximately at 100-120 kg. Damn strong guys all of them with tremendous lifting form.

During one of the other sessions they deadlifted 3-5 reps with several players between 180-240 kg and this they did again with very good technique."

​​Oskar Thorsen

​​Strength and Conditioning Coach, ​IHK Comet Halden

​​Ex-Pro Hockey ​Player, ​Norway

Yunus Barisik
Creator of Next Level Hockey Training


Yunus Barisik, CSCS, is the Head Strength and Conditioning Coach for a men's professional hockey club and an elite junior hockey organization based in Espoo, Finland. He has trained hundreds of hockey players at the junior, college and pro levels, including NHL Draft picks and World Champions.

An accomplished author, Yunus has had articles published on top fitness and performance sites, including STACK and Muscle & Strength. He also wrote Next Level Hockey Training, a comprehensive resource for ice hockey players on building athletic strength, size and power, while staying injury-free.


Train with a Hockey Strength Coach

Next Level
Hockey Training 2.0

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Gain First Step Speed

Add Muscle Mass

Lose Body Fat

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Investment for 16 weeks of training



$240 for membership + personal trainer


Overall Score

Next Level Hockey Training 2.0

Yes! Please give me instant access to download this incredible off-ice hockey training system right now.

Next Level Hockey Training 2.0



Item 1: Main Manual
(valued at $99)

Item 2: Off-Season Hockey Program - Junior 16 Weeks
(valued at $299)

Item 3: Off-Season Hockey Program - Pro 16 Weeks
(valued at $299)


Secret Bonus #1: Video Database
(valued at $399)


Secret Bonus #2: In-Season Training Program - 28 Weeks
(valued at $299)


Secret Bonus #3: Workout Sheets
(valued at $49)



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